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As parts 3 and 4 in our series reviewing the events of Mormonism in 2015, we assemble another all-star panel including Lindsay Hansen Park, Dr. Gina Colvin, Dr. Kristy Money, and Sean Carter.  Some of the topics discussed included:

  • The state of the Mormon Internet (blogs, podcast, social media)
  • Social group formations in progressive and post-Mormonism
  • The state of Mormon Feminism
  • The impact of disciplinary councils and excommunication on modern Mormonism (hint: it isn't good)
  • The state of Progressive Mormonism
  • Issues of race and multi-culturalism within modern Mormon culture (LDS and post-Mormon)
  • The state of Mormon Studies
  • Retrenchment/leadership crisis/corporatism in the modern LDS Church

We hope you enjoy it!!!!

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