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In 2002 anthropologist Thomas Murphy, Ph.D. published the first peer reviewed academic journal article on DNA and the Book of Mormon, demonstrating that DNA evidence (at the time) did not support the Book of Mormon's historical claims.  Dr. Murphy was subsequently summoned to an LDS disciplinary council for apostasy, but the disciplinary council was "called off" at the last minute, and he has not been pursued since. 

In this podcast series, Dr. Murphy discusses:

  • His early years in the LDS church.
  • His loss of LDS belief as a young adult as a result of military service, demonstrated lack of inspiration on the part of his church leaders, and information he learned as an anthropologist working primarily amongst native Americans.
  • His research and publication regarding DNA and the Book of Mormon.
  • His work as an anthropologist in Latin America, including work in Mexico and Guatemala.


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