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Lance Allred's Mormon story is fascinating for so many reasons.

  • He is the grandson of assassinated Mormon fundamentalist prophet Rulon Allred.
  • He was born deaf, and stands 6'11" tall.
  • He was a star basketball player for East High school (SLC, Utah), and played college basketball both at the University of Utah and Weber State University.
  • Lance developed scrupulosity (religious OCD), at least partially as a result of both perfectionism, and guilt/shame relating to matters of sexuality.
  • NCAA legend Rick Marjerus was fired as University of Utah basketball coach because of his verbal abuse of Lance.
  • After college, Lance went on to play 10 years of professional basketball (mostly overseas), including playing a year for the Cleveland Cavaliers with Lebron James (pre-Miami), amongst other teams (he even met Larry Bird!).
  • Lance become a popular public speaker, perhaps most recently known for his "What is Your Polygamy" TEDx talk.
  • Lance has fascinating insights on faith, doubt, and disbelief.

Lance's web site can be found here:

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