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This episode begins our series on “Losing the Lamanites” where we interview people from Central and South America, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders with the intent of exploring their faith transitions—especially their thoughts and feelings on the identity of “Lamanite” being given to them.


Vania Moore was raised in the LDS Church and has recently experienced a faith transition.  In this episode, we explore:


*Vania’s upbringing in the LDS Church and her desire to serve an LDS mission

*Her thoughts about the label of “Lamanite” and how she never felt it applied to her, and why

*The cultural differences of the LDS Church she noticed having been raised in Brazil and then immigrating to Utah

*Her marriage and subsequent divorce

*Immigrating to America in search of a new life for herself and her children

*How her struggle with anxiety and depression immediately subsided after she decided to leave the LDS Church

*Her remarriage to a true-believing member of the LDS Church and how they make their mixed-faith marriage work

*Vania’s YouTube channel where she explores different truth claims of the church

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