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In these episodes of Mormon Stories, we interview Jon Ogden—author of When Mormons Doubt. Jon describes how his faith crisis blossomed during his LDS mission and time at BYU and ultimately became the impetus to writing the book, which strives to explore how the pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness can save relationships even when we disagree with those we love.

We cover:

*How his faith crisis developed on his LDS mission, but he finished his mission anyway
*Dating while at BYU and how it distracted him from his faith crisis
*How when a family member left the LDS Church, it forced him to confront his own doubts and begin an academic study of the truth claims of the Church
*When he realized that the same problems with Mormon historicity were also at play with Christianity in general
*He and his spouse’s current belief state, and their desire to have a sense of community and solid religious framework for their children to hold onto
*The main topics of his book, When Mormons Doubt, including a deep dive into sections on “Truth,” “Goodness,” and “Beauty.”

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