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In these episodes of Mormon Stories, we interview Sean Carter—traveling law humorist of Lawpsided Seminars, and former member of the LDS Church.  In this entertaining and lively interview, we discuss:

  • Sean's upbringing in the Compton area of Los Angeles and how he determined his career path
  • How he became funny as a way for people to like him in school
  • His experience of growing up black as a young man and his later realization of his efforts to "exempt himself out of blackness," or to make sure that he himself didn't experience discrimination while being aware that it existed against his community
  • His path to attending Harvard Law School, and coincidentally at the same time as President Barack Obama
  • His marriage to his educated wife who was not religious in any way, and how his investigation of the LDS Church began as a way to bring "Jesus to her"
  • How one of his biggest struggles with joining the LDS Church was being endowed and having someone else pick out his underwear, which for Sean was a stigma attached to young black men who had their underwear picked out for them while in prison symbolizing that they became property of someone else
  • His growing realization that the policies of the Church favored white culture, and how the revelation preventing young children with gay parents from joining the Church as being one of the last straws
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