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In these important episodes of Mormon Stories, we interview Thomas to understand his journey in overcoming opiate addiction.  As opiate use reaches epidemic proportions in the United States and numerous other places in the world, many of our listeners have been impacted by the epidemic in some way.  There are multiple facets to this story we cover including:

  • How childhood sexual abuse had a direct affect on Thomas' later drug use
  • How the LDS Church's messaging on sexuality played a major role in negatively shaping his self-identity
  • Learning to use drugs as a tool to avoid feeling
  • What it was like living a life addicted to drugs
  • How family, friends, and church authority/members can better help struggling addicts
  • The impact his crisis of faith has on his life now, and his vision for the future

We thank Thomas for bravely sharing his story, and know it will impact many, many lives for good.

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