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In this special episode of Mormon Stories, we travel to Southern California to interview 2 couples—Doug & Laurie and Jerry & Julie about their Mormon faith crisis and transition.  The couples are connected in that Laurie and Julie are sisters, and Doug and Jerry served in the same LDS mission together.

This is a super fascinating story in that each grew up as faithful, orthodox Mormons and both couples were living what they considered to be the "Mormon dream" until Doug began to have a faith crisis that he endured silently for years.  Suffering alone and feeling unable to share his doubts with anyone, he finally opened up to his wife Laurie and they carefully navigated a mixed-faith marriage for some time.  Seeking support, Doug and Laurie reached out to Jerry and Julie to share their questions and struggles and we learn how each began a faith journey they did not expect.

Important topics we cover:

  • What the Church meant to each as they were in it
  • What caused them to doubt and question
  • What was hard and difficult about the faith crisis
  • The mistakes and successes they discovered while navigating their faith crisis
  • How they shared their faith crisis with their children
  • How they "came out" about their beliefs to others, including ward members and leaders
  • How they have begun to forge a new life

This interview is a first of many this year that will highlight what John calls "The Gift of the Mormon Faith Crisis."  More information for this 2018 initiative can be found at


Part 1: Each provide their Mormon background

Part 2: Doug is the first to have a faith crisis, which has ripple effects to Laurie, Julie, and Jerry

Part 3: Laurie, Doug, and Julie share how cracks developed in their faith

Part 4: Each tackle the tough topic of sharing their faith crisis with their children

Part 5: Each discuss "coming out" about their beliefs to others

Part 6: Each discuss the hard, yet rewarding task of forging a new life


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