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The South Mountain Community Church has become home for many former Mormons—which make up nearly half of the congregation. As strange as it may sound to some, the church also has a large contingent of atheist/agnostic former Mormons, as well as many who have embraced Biblical Christianity.

In this exciting panel interview, we interview Pastor Rick and Pastor Paul along with panelists Keri, Dave, Emily, and Jim about what drew them to SMCC, and what their lives look like now in terms of belief and spirituality. Some of the important questions we try to answer include:

  • Why do the panelists believe the New Testament is reliable?
  • Why the panelists believe following Jesus of the New Testament is not a feelings based decision?
  • Do the panelists scrutinize the claims of the Bible as thoroughly as they scrutinize the claims of religions they don’t endorse?
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