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Join us for this lively interview with Tyler Measom to discuss his life as an award-winning documentary filmmaker. Tyler's films include Sons of Perditionand An Honest Liar, along with a film currently in production about the history of MTV.  A comprehensive list of Tyler's works may be found at his IMDb.

Tyler shares with us his experience growing up as a Mormon including serving a mission—an experience he credits with influencing his style and purpose as a filmmaker by teaching him how to deeply empathize with people.  Tyler also shares how he first became involved in the film industry and used his entrepreneurial skills to create works that have won awards at numerous film festivals.  Later we learn that Tyler decided to leave the LDS Church in protest during the early days of the Church's efforts to prevent the passage of same-sex marriage in the United States.

This interview contains excellent advice to aspiring artists of all kinds on how to successfully channel your passion into successful outcomes.

Tyler's upcoming film is about Mark Hofmann—a horrifying and seductive tale of the most prolific and accomplished forger in modern history.  Information about this film and how you can donate to this project may be found at

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