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In this Mormon Stories Podcast episode, we travel to Nevada to listen as Andrew and Allison Jolley tell the story of their Mormon faith crisis, how they healed their painful and disconnected marriage, and (in episodes 911-912) how Andrew became a founder and owner of a marijuana company in Nevada called The+Source Nevada.

We cover:

  • The shame and unresolved issues that were brought into the marriage by transgressions in their youth
  • The barriers to emotional intimacy that both felt throughout their marriage and how they sought to meet their emotional needs in other places
  • How Allison clung more to the church when she felt Andrew pulling away in the marriage
  • Why Andrew embarked on a journey to deepen his faith, which instead lead to a faith crisis
  • How Allison experienced anxiety and confusion when Andrew worked harder to strengthen his marriage after expressing doubts about the LDS Church
  • How Allison experienced her own faith crisis
  • What Andrew and Allison did to heal their marriage after experiencing a faith transition


Part 1: Andrew and Allison describe their early marriage including the shame and unresolved issues each brought in

Part 2: Andrew and Allison share their difficulty with emotional intimacy and the impact a faith crisis had on their marriage

Part 3: Andrew and Allison share how they healed their marriage


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