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Ahead of a possible Utah medical marijuana ballot initiative in the Fall of 2018—and in light of the LDS Church signaling its opposition to the initiative—Mormon Stories seeks to have an open, facts-based discussion about the medicinal uses of marijuana and the LDS Church's role in the legislative process to prevent its passage in the state of Utah. To begin that conversation, we continue our interview with Andrew Jolley—an entrepreneur in Nevada who started The+Sourcedispensary in 2013 after Nevada passed legislation allowing the use of medicinal marijuana in that state.

We cover:

*What Andrew learned about the medicinal and societal value of marijuana that lead him to become involved

*A historical discussion about the political and cultural motives to making marijuana illegal

*The economic impacts seen in the states that have chosen to legalize marijuana use

*The medical impacts of the different types of cannabinoids found in marijuana

*Efforts made 'behind the scenes' by the LDS Church to oppose the initiative to allow for medicinal marijuana use

*What Andrew believes Utahns should do to inform their decision on legalization

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