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In this gripping interview on Mormon Stories, we interview Jen and Todd who share their personal experiences when bringing issues of abuse to the attention of Mormon Bishops.  Throughout her life, Jen suffered through periods of abuse that greatly impacted her physical, emotional, and spiritual health, including severe bouts of anorexia.  In this interview, we learn of the failures to deliver the help Jen needed from some Mormon bishops, but also the success of another Mormon bishop, Todd.  We learn how Todd helped Jen during her darkest time, and what tools Jen used to begin living her best life.


Part 1: Jen shares her abuse story and the impact it had on her life

Part 2: The abuse continues into her marriage, and Jen details her unsupportive experiences with Mormon Bishops

Part 3: Jen finally has a positive experience with a Mormon Bishop, Todd.  We also explore Todd's experience losing his faith


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