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In this edition of Mormon Stories, we continue our conversation with Roger Hendrix– possibly the highest ranking and most well-connected LDS church leader interviewed on Mormon Stories Podcast to date.  In these final 3 episodes,


  • Part 6: Roger describes how the LDS Church's involvement in Proposition 8 in California, and his daughters' questions surrounding polygamy, led him to have a more deep and informed conversation internally as he tried to reconcile Mormonism and church history
  • Part 7: Roger describes his evolution on opinions of church history, and how new sources of information including Richard Bushman's Rough Stone Rolling and Mormon Stories Podcast contributed to his faith evolution
  • Part 8: Roger answers questions submitted by our listeners, including questions regarding whether he has received the 2nd Anointing.  Roger also tells us why he decided now to share his Mormon Story on the podcast
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