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Live from the Salt Lake City Community of Christ, we welcome singer/songwriter Angela Soffeto Mormon Stories Podcast.  No doubt you have heard her song "Rocks" in our bumper music for many episodes this year, and we were honored to have her in Salt Lake City in front of a live audience to hear her faith transition story and listen to songs that were born from that period in her life.

  • Part 1: Angela shares her experience growing up as a Mormon and what eventually led her to experiencing a faith transition as a young mother with small children, and in a period of life where she was feeling intense isolation from being in a new city and having few friends outside of her local LDS ward.  In this segment of the interview, Angela gives great advice and hope for those who may be in their darkest moments during a faith transition.
  • Part 2: Angela performs songs from her album "Second Wind," and then continues the conversation with John about her faith journey, particularly the joy she feels now as she makes authentic choices in her life.
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