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Jill Searle's story includes:

*Being raised LDS and serving a mission.
*Entering into a mixed-orientation marriage as a lesbian woman.
*Having several children.
*Leaving the church, and finding a committed, long term partner (they were married 5 different times...incredible story).
*Allowing and even supporting her children to remain active/faithful LDS as a lesbian, ex-Mormon woman, all while the church was waging war on committed LGBT relationships.

Katie Searle's story includes:

*Being raised Mormon by an orthodox Mormon father and step-mother, and two lesbian ex-Mormon mothers.
*Marrying her husband, Nathan Williams.
*Co-founding with Nathan a globally successful magazine, Kinfolk.
*Facing the excruciating decision to terminate a pregnancy at 6 months.
*Dealing with the discovery that her husband, Nathan, is gay, while pregnant with their second child.
*Deciding with Nathan to end the marriage.
*Coping with a religious faith crisis through all this.
*Rebuilding a life and raising her daughter, Vi, as an ex-Mormon single mother.

This is an amazing story of responding to tragedy with grace and resilience.

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