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Join us now on Mormon Stories Podcast as we interview Camille and Maddy about experiencing rape/sexual assault as a Mormon missionary.

Trigger warning: This episode discusses rape and sexual assault. Please practice self care, and use discretion regarding who else listens in.

In these important episodes, we will cover Camille’s sexual assault during her mission to Mexico, Maddy’s sexual assault while on a mission in Bolivia, and how the LDS Church handled the aftermath of these traumatic experiences. Camille and Maddy also share their thoughts on how the LDS Church can improve their handling of sexual assaults and importantly, why they decided to go public with their stories now.

Also discussed throughout these episodes is the missionary cultural belief of obedience to mission rules results in protection from the Lord, even in the most war-torn and violent areas in the world.  We talk about the feeling of invincibility and protection that Camille and Maddy felt before their assaults, and how their sexual assaults affected their faith in both LDS Church leadership, and in God.

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