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Join us for this important and time-sensitive edition of Mormon Stories Podcast as we interview Idahoan, Dusty Johns. In Part 1 of this interview, Dusty shares his experience growing up as a gay and closeted Mormon and at times being the only active member of his family. Before becoming a missionary, he covenanted with God that if he served an honorable full-time mission that his sexual orientation would change. Upon returning from his mission to England and quickly marrying, a few months into his marriage he realized that he was unable to connect with his wife in a manner that a man and woman should. Though the marriage did not last, it did produce two boys who Dusty treasures and shares parenting responsibilities with their mother. Dusty began to be involved with LDS-affiliated groups that attempt to diminish "same-sex attraction" and overcome homosexual behavior, but quickly saw that many program attendees were either acting hypocritically or living seemingly miserable lives as celibate Mormons. After experiencing medical complications that almost ended his life, his devotion to the LDS Church and God became cemented and he decided that he could be both an active Mormon, and create a family with someone that he truly loved.

In Part 2 of this interview, we learn how Dusty met his husband and how the two have formed a loving family unit with Dusty's two boys. The family was quickly accepted by their local Idahoan ward, including their ward and stake leadership. Dusty tells us that recently his local leadership was directed by LDS Church authorities in Salt Lake City to initiate disciplinary proceedings because of his same-sex marriage. After receiving a letter in the mail indicating such, Dusty forwarded the letter to Mormon Stories Podcast and 6 hours after the letter was posted publicly, his stake leadership was asked to postpone the disciplinary council until after General Conference, as directed by the church's PR department.  As of today, Dusty's council meeting is now set to take place October 16th.

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