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In this three-part series we interview Neil Ransom (Kate Kelly's husband, and Ph.D. candidate in anthropology) and we speak with Kate about her excommunication and the aftermath. Some of the fascinating tidbits we explore:

  • Neil's early years growing up in Africa
  • How Neil's mission, along with his attending BYU-Idaho, actually turned him into a progressive Mormon
  • How Kate and Neil met (their love story), and what Neil loves most about Kate
  • What Neil is researching for his Ph.D. ('s super cool)
  • Has Neil experienced a faith crisis?
  • Who "wears the pants" in Kate/Neil's marriage...also what are the traits of a "real man" according to Neil and Kate  :)
  • Are Kate/Neil planning to have kiddos?
  • Kate's detailed account of her interactions with church leaders prior to her excommunication (in response to allegations of dishonesty on her part)
  • A deep dive into Kate's beliefs re: Mormonism, Book of Mormon historicity, etc.
  • Kate's plans for Ordain Women post-excommunication

  • And most importantly....Why does Neil wear that funky hat?  :)
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