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No one loves being sold and not many people will tell you they love selling. But the fact of the matter is, we all buy things. We buy things we need. And in fact we want to buy things that will make our life easier, help to achieve success faster. We want to buy things that make us feel better, look younger, or fix a problem.

This is an episode borrowed from Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income.

Where he and Chalene talk about the difference between selling to people and helping people. Learn how the method by which you determine what is included in your offer, and what you price it at can help you to feel more passionate and confidant when suggesting your product or service to others.

Chalene shares how her 15 years of experience doing infomercials, including three that have held the #1 spot, have helped her to better understand offers, pricing, juxtopositioning, features and benefits and more importantly how to explain those things without ever selling.

Learn how to feel amazing about what it is you offer to your lifers and
 how to create a mindset shift. You will learn how to sell by serving through
the use of story telling and sharing your own passion and truth. You will 
also understand how copying or using the technique or verbiage that someone else uses often falls flat and feels authentic.

Chalene and Pat discuss baby offers, beta test groups, beta testing,
 focus groups using social media, crowd sourcing name, price and what
s should be included. Also discussed is how to get over that icky feeling so many of us feel when it comes to the part where we have to “ask for” the sale.

This episode will help you with selling from the stage, selling on Facebook, networking marketing, MLMʼs, direct selling, affiliate selling and crafting your offer for that thing you want o sell that you haven’t even created yet!

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