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Join Chalene Johnson in this episode of The Build Your Tribe Podcast with special guest Omar El-Takrori the host of The Dept on YouTube. They discuss content creation, YouTube, and podcasting while highlighting the profound role faith plays in Omar's life.

Discover the journey of starting a YouTube channel or podcast, where Omar emphasizes the importance of understanding viewers' interests and caring genuinely about what they want to hear. Omar shares his transition from behind-the-scenes video production to becoming a content creator on YouTube, guided by a divine calling from God.

Explore the keys to YouTube success, including click-through rates (CTR) and average view duration, and learn how to improve CTR with compelling thumbnails and titles. Chalene's simplified setup philosophy shows that success doesn't always require elaborate equipment.

This episode delves into the significance of faith in Omar's life and its seamless integration into his content. They also discuss the challenges faced by younger generations in the digital age and the responsibility of influencers in guiding them towards a positive path.

Don't miss this faith-infused episode that explores authentic content creation while staying true to your beliefs.

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