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In this Build Your Tribe podcast we dive deep into the strategies that Mind Pump Media used to achieve explosive growth and regularly rank as the #1 podcast in fitness and top 10 in the highly competitive category of health and fitness. In this episode Chalene Johnson interviews Mind Pump co-host and founding partner, Sal Di Stefano about their unique 4 way business partnership, the strategy behind the business and  the podcast, how it all started and how they used video and youtube to create explosive growth in the last 18 months.  Sal shares their upload schedule, and what he believes is the secret to the show's unique audience appeal, plus how growing their email list allowed them to skyrocket their revenue.  You'll learn how you can structure your podcast to keep listeners engaged and coming back for more, and Sal's personal beliefs around the importance of trust when it comes to monetizing your podcast and healthy business partnerships.  Whether you're a business owner or a podcaster, the insights in this video will help you take your growth to the next level. 

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