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When is your next vacation? When was your last vacation? And on your last vacation, did you have that weird feeling on the very last day, that overwhelming sense that when you get home, all heck is going to break loose and you’re just like afraid to open up your inbox and you’re already dreading the thought of going home and returning to reality? Well, if that’s you, or if you have an upcoming vacation and you would love for it to be stress-free, you are in luck. This is your episode.

Not too many years ago, Chalene was a complete workaholic, kind of stressaholic, she only knew go, go, go, go, go and had a very difficult time vacationing. The thought of going on vacation did not sound fun to her at all. Work was Chalene’s drug of choice and was what she considered fun.

About 7 years ago Chalene started understanding that had to change, and not quite sure how to do it. She knew her drive to work and the need to always be busy and not able to just relax was having negative consequences for Chalene and her family. She noticed that her Dad was one of those people that could totally unplug and unwind and Chalene wanted to be more like that.

Today Chalene is no longer that person, but she does still have to keep herself accountable. In this episode Chalene shares with you strategies that she now uses to help feel relaxed, refreshed, renewed and present during any vacation.

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