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In this episode of Build Your Tribe Chalene invites her Son Brock Johnson on the show. Brock is a collegiate athlete, motivational speaker and in the past two years he has become a focused and dedicated entrepreneur.

You will get to hear Brock's perspective as a new part time entrepreneur and how his mindset shifted. Chalene and Brock thought it would be helpful for the two of them to give you both their perspectives on being a seasoned entrepreneur and a new solo entrepreneur.

Brock tells you how and why he made his first hire even with the fear that his business was not making a lot of money. Just to be clear Brock did not receive or rely on his parents to finance his business he did this all on his own. Brock realized that even though he was not rolling in money yet he had to take a chance and he knew the more you delegate and the more help you bring on the more your business will grow and the more freedom and flexibility you will have.

This is an episode that so many new and solo entrepreneurs will relate to and get so much information out of.

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