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Today on the Salesforce Admins Podcast, we sit down with Brian Kwong, Vice President of Delivery and Operations at Better Partners and Salesforce MVP. He’s one of the hosts of the Salesforce WizardCast and a self-described Flownatic, so we wanted to recap all the new Flow and Orchestrator features from TrailheaDX.


Join us as we talk about how Brian approaches TrailheaDX and why Flow is the future.


You should subscribe for the full episode, but here are a few takeaways from our conversation with Brian Kwong.


Why Flow is the future.


Brian wears many different hats in the Salesforce community, from his role as co-leader of the Madison, Wisconsin user group to his work as a Salesforce MVP to literally wearing a wizard hat when he walks around at Dreamforce. As a host of the Salesforce Wizardcast, he wants to be sure people know where to find him.


Brian is an original flownatic, so needless to say he found a lot to get excited about in this year’s TrailheaDX. “If someone has not touched automation at all, the very first thing they need to do is look at Flow, and specifically look at record triggered Flows,” he says, “because Flow is the future. It’s something Mark Ross and I joked about years ago but it’s now here.” The list of things you can do without ever having to code is growing every day, and it’s only going to get longer with the new things coming down the pipeline.


New demos and even more Flow features.


At TrailheaDX we saw some pretty exciting demos for Next Best Action, Flow Orchestrator, and multi-column flows. “You can make data entry a lot easier to use by putting things that are paired together next to each other,” Brian says, and there are a lot of other quality of life improvements with collapsible sections to make it easier to navigate large flows.


For Flow Orchestrator, there are tons of new ways to help organize multi-step processes that interact with multiple users. “If you have something where it’s bouncing back and forth between people with different stages,” Brian says, “Flow Orchestrator looks like a really good way to manage that.” Think about managing something like an approval process, where you need to hand off the same thing to different people and departments.


Getting the most out of TrailheaDX.


“One of the biggest benefits I get out of TrailheaDX sessions is trying to break out of what I had thought of for the last ten years and see what new people are thinking and saying and experiencing,” Brian says. Since everything is recorded, he’s going to go back and watch at least the first five minutes of each session, and probably make some repeat viewings of more than a few of them. All the sessions are up, so make sure to go the TrailheaDX site to catch up on what you missed.

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