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For this episode of the Salesforce Admins Podcast, we want to pull back the curtain and explain our process for prepping Release Readiness Live.

Join us as we talk about the questions we ask as we go through release notes, why it’s important to use different modes of communication to present key information, and how to find the throughline to tie it all together.

You should subscribe for the full episode, but here are a few takeaways from our conversation with Mike and Gillian.

Our Release Readiness Live prep process.

We thought it might be useful to talk about our own process for how we prep for Release Readiness Live content. “It’s one of the more fun parts about our job,” Gillian says, “it gives us an excuse to get tighter with our product organization and look through the incredible breadth of the platform.”

The first thing we consider is whether a new change or feature is something we’ve talked about before with admins. Some areas, like automations, have a bunch of new things continually added while others are one-offs or completely novel. We also consider if it’s an enhancement or something new. Finally, it’s important to highlight improvements to processes that can save steps along the way.

How to communicate changes and new features to your users.

Once we’ve done some processing from the release notes, we work with our content teams to get the information out there. That’s Release Readiness Live, but also demo videos, blog posts, and, of course, this podcast. You might not have the same resources that we have access to, but the important thing is finding a way to accommodate all the different ways people process information and get the key points across.

Most importantly, we’re always looking for a throughline—a story we can tell to put everything together. For example, you do a Slack post that updates a record that fires a new Flow that has a decision in it that does something else. In short, find a way to help your end users relate to the changes and understand how it impacts (and hopefully improves) their day-to-day.

We also wanted to highlight a few key dates for the Summer ‘21 Release:

  • April 15th: Pre-Release Signup (it’s not too late!)
  • May 6th: Sandbox Pre-Release signup
  • May 7: Summer ‘21 Trailhead module goes live
  • May 11th: Release Overview Deck is available
  • May 21st: Admin Release Readiness Live
  • June 4th - 12th: Summer ‘21 Release



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