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Today on the Salesforce Admins Podcast, we’re joined by Ines Garcia, Agile coach and Salesforce Guru at get: Agile and another Lightning Champion. This episode is part two of a six-part series, the Lightning Champions Spotlight, hosted by Kelley Walker, Senior Adoption Consultant at Salesforce. We talk to our amazing Lightning Champions to find out about their career journey, how it lead them to the Lightning Experience, advice on handling change management, and why Lightning Experience is so awesome.

Join us as we talk about how new Lightning features can make it easier than ever to work in an Agile framework, and how she got help from and gives back to the community.

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 Giving back to the community.

Ines comes from a business transformation background, originally specializing in PR and marketing. “For me, I really enjoy to learn how things work,” she says, “so I quickly found myself with a fundamentals workbook. I’m a pre-Trailhead oldie.” She went on to become a Salesforce MVP so she could focus on giving back to the community. “It really blew my mind, how some people will go above and beyond to help me to solve my business problem,” she says, “so every day that’s one of the places I spend a little time to help others as others helped me.”

Ines supports multiple user groups to take giving back even further, with a focus especially on mentorship. She also works with the Mentorship Center to help connect people who need guidance with those who are willing to give it. She generates content in Salesforce Weekly and Salesforce Ben and, “because I clearly have too much time on my hands,” she organizes dreamOlé, a roving conference to help the Spanish-speaking community to learn and network around Salesforce ecosystem.

How Lightning and Agile go hand-in-hand.

“It’s really important to stay on top of the innovation that Salesforce brings. It’s one of the differentiators when you have major releases in any of the products,” Ines says. That means that for her, Lighting was a natural thing to get involved with and passionate about. One of the keys to getting the most out of it is getting the chance to get hands-on with new features, so Ines has her own Developer Edition so she can get that practice in.

Ines had the opportunity to present at Dreamforce ‘17 with Mike Gill and Chris Edwards, in a talk entitled, “Make the Jump to Lightning… and Get It Right the First Time.” “It’s not only the UI, it’s the tech underneath,” Ines says, “it helps you to be much more modular in the way you can enhance and get things to the market quicker.” This helps you go to market earlier, release earlier, and get that feedback that is key to an Agile process.

Ines’ favorite Lightning features.

Ines couldn’t pick just one favorite Lightning feature, so she went with three. “Kanban is really dear to my heart because it’s a word used in the Agile world,” she says, “it means having a visual representation of the work in progress.” Her second favorite feature is In-App Guidance. “I think it’s brilliant,” she says, “I’ve seen many way more convoluted solutions for something similar in the past so you can let your users know that something new is coming up.” Finally, she loves Generate Reports From List Views, which really helps you have the visuals you need to support your work.

The Lightning Experience is coming, are you ready?

Salesforce is turning on Lightning Experience on a rolling basis in Winter ‘20, and while you’ll still have access to Salesforce Classic, Lightning Experience is the future when it comes to driving business growth and improved productivity. To get ready, verify your org’s existing features and customizations in the new interface and prepare your users with change management best practices. To help you out, we’ve put together a short video, Understand How the Lightning Experience Critical Update Affects My Users.

If you want to catch Ines in person, she’ll be at Dreamforce and next year at DreamLA 2020.



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