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Today on the Salesforce Admins Podcast we have a big announcement: we’re changing things up! With the new year comes a new show and shorter, snackable episodes published twice a week. Gillian is flying solo but, don’t worry, Mike will still be a frequent guest and co-conspirator.

Be sure to subscribe to keep up the new and exciting changes. We’re going to be using a few different formats, so here’s an overview of what we’re planning.

Insights Episodes

Insights episodes will be a roundtable discussion with experts on the Admin Evangelism team: Gillian, Mike, LeeAnne Rimel, and new team member Marc Baizman. We’ll take deep dives into specific topics, and we’ll be doing a different theme each month. Coming up for January, we’ll take a look at adoption, not just on the podcast but for everything you get on including blogs and webinars.

Interview Episodes

Interview episodes will feature amazing guests coming talk to you about their expertise. We’ll talk with product experts from Salesforce, community leaders making a difference, and Awesome Admins making changes in new and exciting ways with Salesforce. For Adoption Month, we’ll be looking at people who have learned best practices and tools by driving adoption at their own organizations.

The Same Great Segments

Don’t worry, the Lightning Round isn’t going anywhere. We are, however, going to go with one question for each interview guest we have. The fun part is that we’re looking for ideas for great Lightning Round questions. If you have an idea, tweet at Gillian (@gilliankbruce) or the Salesforce Admins team (@salesforceadmns) so we can put your questions to some our guests.

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