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History Goes Bump: Ghost Tours For The Mind

Ghost tours for the theater of the mind! Join Diane as she explores the haunted history of locations, people and events. Each episode features a Moment in Oddity and This Month in History segment. Join us for chills and you might even learn something!

Aug 12, 2017

Montana is known as Big Sky Country and one tends to think of wide open spaces when picturing the state. The state was formerly part of the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition left their mark here, literally, with Clark inscribing his name and the date on a pillar northeast of modern day Billings. Explorers, frontiersmen, miners and businessmen all flocked to Montana. One of those men was Charles Conrad. He was a pioneer, businessman and banker who founded the city of Kalispell in Montana with his own money.  He built his home in Kalispell and today it is known as the Conrad Mansion Museum. The mansion is a great example of a turn of the century home in the Northwest and it is reputedly haunted. The spirits seem friendly as they belong to members of the Conrad family. Join us as we explore the history and hauntings of the Conrad Mansion Museum! Moment in Oddity features mummified bodies discovered in Alps Glaciers and This Month in History features Arthur Murray coming through Ellis Island. Our location was suggested by Tammy McCaroll-Burroughs.

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Vanishing from (Moment in Oddity)
In Your Arms by Kevin MacLeod (This Month in History)

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