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History Goes Bump: Ghost Tours For The Mind

Ghost tours for the theater of the mind! Join Diane as she explores the haunted history of locations, people and events. Each episode features a Moment in Oddity and This Month in History segment. Join us for chills and you might even learn something!

Sep 12, 2019

Why is it that we persecute those who believe differently than we do? Why do neighbors turn on each other? On this episode, I present a brief overview of the history of witch hunts starting with the early Biblical accounts of witches to the hysteria of the European and American witch hunts of the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries and beyond. People were left dead in their wake. This has left spiritual residue leading to hauntings. The Moment in Oddity was suggested by listener Laura Ann Williams and features a death mask becoming model for Annie the CPR Doll and This Month in History features the Jetsons airing for the first time. Special thanks to Deana Marie of the TwistedPhilly Podcast and Jessica Walters of the Shoes, Boos and Tattoos Podcast for their contributions!

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