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 YESTalk-13- Prospecting Success Tip- How to increase contacts per hour

One of the common questions I get from agents is how to talk to more people, so you can generate more leads, set more listing appointments, and take and sell more listings.  Here are seven steps to making more contacts when prospecting:

1. Think speed between conversations…efficiency.
2. Think quality on conversations…effectiveness.  Focus more on number of quality contacts per hour than on number of dials.
3. Have enough prospects (numbers/doors) to fill your prospecting time.
4. Stay on your scripts.
5. Create a simple note taking system and take notes while in the conversation, not after you hang up.
6. FOCUS on ONE THING.  Eliminate distractions or trying to multi-task (like checking email, texting, looking up property on MLS, etc)
7. BEAT FEAR.  (which leads to procrastination.)

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