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What kind of videos should you work on first as a real estate agent?  It’s probably NOT what you think!  The place to start is also the most simple with these two killer strategies:

1. Start using Facebook LIVE videos to introduce a new listing or promote your open house event.

2. Make a personalized Introduction Video and/or a follow up video for every lead or appointment that you get  especially when it’s someone who you have never met face to face.  Then you text or email them a link to the video.  Be excited, happy, and in business dress with good lighting in the video.  People will always watch it and it makes you a real person to them. 

The most important thing is to start and do it until you get comfortable with it.  Practice a few times and then start shooting and sending.  These two strategies are awesome at giving your credibility with people you meet and at improving your skills on video. 

Do it!  And then share your comments about how it went.


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