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The first thing to understand is that whether an agent is part-time or full-time, you have the responsibility to be professional and competent.  Succeeding part time is tough, but you can do it if you will .  

Here are the 5 Keys:

1. Be part-time, not "some-time."  

Have a daily and weekly schedule to make that happen and follow it.

2. Have a plan and definite timeframe to go full-time.

            (6 months maximum.)

3. Lead generate and follow up every day.

            This must be scheduled and should be at least one hour per day.  More is better.

4. Practice and train every day.

            You want to schedule this every day as well. At least one hour a day bare minimum.  Practice and role play scripts.  Attend training classes or watch videos.  Attend contract training at your office or local board.

5.Get a full-time agent to work with or to help you.

            You need a mentor anyway.  Work WITH them, not for them.  Don’t lose deals out of greed.  Split the money with a mentor and you will close more deals and get more experience which will make you more capable of making more money faster.

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