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Did you get into real estate just for the money? Or is there more beyond real estate?

To be really successful in real estate, you have to be winning in all areas of your life because they’re all connected. When you fail or succeed in one part of your life, it affects everything else.

To give you a framework, here’s an overview of the 7 Domains of Life:

  1. FINANCE. Are you making enough money to secure your family’s future?
  2. FOCUS. What are you focused on? What is your major purpose in life?
  3. FEELINGS. Your emotions (whether it’s fear, uncertainty, or confidence) drive your actions.
  4. FITNESS. Watch your health because your body is the only vehicle that will help you achieve your goals.
  5. FAMILY & FRIENDS. How are your relationships with the people that matter most to you?
  6. FUN. Laugh, play, and do something you love so you can recharge & function well in the other domains.
  7. FAITH. This is not necessarily religious, but what do you believe? It’s your moral compass. It’s your values of what you believe about right and wrong and about power and about the universe, about God, about people. 
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