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6 Shifts To Make To Grow Your Business & Income In 2023 & Beyond

  1. Get tougher. Toughen up your commitment. The story inside your head must get tougher, to a point where you can handle rejection & failure. Be 100% determined to win at all costs.
  2. Train with a coach. Find somebody that can guide and help you with systems, strategies, skills, and mindset to help you grow your business. No one ever succeeds alone.
  3. Tighten up your schedule. Use your time in a more productive way.
  4. Track your numbers. Track your total number of…
    1. Conversations (How many conversations are you having in a day?)
    2. Connections (How many new relationships are you creating?)
    3. Commitments (How many appointments are you setting?)
    4. Contracts
    5. Closings
    6. Cash
  5. Talk to more people. Spend at least 90 minutes a day getting into conversations with people (whether it’s prospecting or talking to people you already know).Focus on building relationships the ff people (they will help FIX your business):F- FSBOs

    I- Investors

    X- Expireds 


  6. Take only YES for an answer. Don’t give up too easily when people first tell you NO. Be friendly, not aggressive.
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