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This episode is my response to a new agent's questions about scripts and FSBO's after his first day of prospecting.
1) They repeated the same objection 2 or 3 times, and I couldn't just answer the same way that I answered them before - what do I do about these issues?
2) I'm not a fast talker by nature, and that seems to be working against me... not sure if this works with my personality? 
3) People generally don't have an interest in answering so many questions - what are the important ones that should be focused on? 
4) What about just asking them if you can preview the house, so that you "get your foot in the door", and they get to know you - would that make it more likely to get a listing agreement in the future?

This is the gap between starting a new skill and mastery.
Just like it takes years to master the game of golf...don't expect to be getting stellar results your first day on the course (or on the phone with FSBO's). This is how you learn. The better you get through training, coaching, and practice...everything changes. Go pro. Do the work of training and achieving mastery and it can be worth millions.

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