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Why would you? Two most common answers: "So they see how hard I'm working...and eventually list with me." and "To get buyers."

Why you should not do open houses for buyers:

1. It tells them you don't have anything else to you're willing to work for free. Which is perfect when you don't value your time.

2. It trains them NOT to hire you. (Why should they? You're already working for them for free.) .

3. It's a B.S. approach to getting a listing (acting like you're helping them sell, when your motivation is to get the listing.)

4. It keeps you busy, but rarely gets you paid. If you're genuinely just trying to get's that working out? FSBO buyers are typically bargain hunters or unqualified...that's why they go to FSBO' they are a very low-quality lead that will typically take tons of time and often never buy.

Learn how to convince FSBOs to hire you. Why should they hire you? BECAUSE you can help them get a better result. (More money in Less time with Less Hassle)

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