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If there’s somebody out there who can go from being a prison detainee to an MMA champion and successful realtor, It’s Pauly!

Pauly Domenech’s journey is one of those real estate success stories that pack a punch.

Round 1: Beating the Odds

Growing up in a predominantly white area, Pauly was pegged as an outcast. People expected him to end up either dead or in jail. So he constantly felt that he had to both prove and protect himself.

Things threatened to go downhill when he got involved in drugs and went to prison for 14 months. Because he was basically a good person who was just misdirected, he was given the chance to go to boot camp and eventually got out of prison.

Round 2: Change Begins

He set out to learn Jiujitsu, trained and failed until he won his first world championship. While working as a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) matchmaker, a friend introduced Pauly to real estate. He studied and went all in.

Pauly built his real estate business in the same way he approached being an MMA matchmaker. He built real relationships- previously with fighters and now with buyers/sellers- and leverage that.

Round 3: Strategies for Growing the Business

Pauly’s business grew out of referrals. Because of how he treated people, business kept coming back to him. It virtually cost him nothing because all his business came from his personal circle.

After three years, he still makes sure to engage his clients’ Top of Mind awareness by putting himself out there. Pauly puts up yard signs and billboards with a photo of him and a positive message. He positions himself as a servant, not as a real estate agent.

He averages 11 deals each month and is looking at closing 125 transactions a year. His GCI is projected to grow to a quarter of a million dollars.

Knockout win: A champion’s advice to aspiring real estate agents

“Realize that you can have everything taken away from you by one decision. On the same note, you can have everything by making one decision. The more “No’s” you get, the closer you are to getting a “Yes!”

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