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Rob Howie and Dana Malone…were 2 of my favorite clients (over 50 transactions) - They were Investors.

Working with seasoned investors is completely different than working with normal home buyers and sellers. Many people that call themselves “Investors” are not really investors and will waste your time, so learn to identify those that are serious and are actually prepared to invest.

Working with Investors

Find them.

Prequalify them. Find out if they’re actually in investor. Do the have funds and/or fruit?

Learn how investors think. They want a DEAL because they are looking for profit or positive cash flow.

Understand how investors buy.
Often You/they may go through 100 properties, to make 10 offers, to get 1 or 2 deals.

“Low Ball” Offers are the way most investors do business. Get used to having most offers rejected or ignored.

Learn from them. The education you receive from working with a seasoned investor can be priceless in building your own financial freedom.

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