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There are so many agents with good hearts and broke bank accounts. If you’re struggling, here are 10 steps to start winning:

GET A DREAM…a big exciting dream that’s unbelievable and immerse yourself in that dream.


Stop thinking you can win by being a nice guy. (You are in a fight.)

It makes people think you're weak, which makes them feel insecure hiring you.


Get up earlier and start your day strong.

Stop playing from flat on your back (emotionally.)

GET DRESSED UP. Look the way you want to feel.

GET TO WORK. Work as if your life depended on it.

Stop wasting time…dodging, drifting, or distracted.

GET SELFISH so you can be unselfish.

Take care of you first.

"Love your neighbor as yourself."

GET A CHAMPIONSHIP MINDSET. Go pro. Reject everything mediocre.

Play to WIN vs playing not to lose.

Too many are focused on surviving or security…treading water.


GET OVER IT. Stop getting offended. Stop taking everything personally.

GET MENTORED. Find someone way beyond you that will train you.

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