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YESTalk-16 - Why You Should Make More Mistakes

One of the most powerful secrets to success is making mistakes.  Yet, from the time we started school we have mostly been taught that mistakes are the worst possible thing you can make.  Our grades were almost always determined by the number of mistakes we made, so we are programmed to avoid mistakes and avoiding anything that risks such failure.

    I’m not talking about making stupid mistakes caused by carelessness or indifference or unethical or illegal behavior.  The kind of mistakes you should make are the inevitable failures that come from trying something new or doing something out of your comfort zone that moves you toward something worthwhile.

    Here are 3 reasons why you should make more mistakes:

1. Making mistakes means you are BEING DECISIVE.
2. Making mistakes means you are TAKING ACTION.
3. Making mistakes means you are LEARNING FASTER.
When you are being decisive, taking action, and learning from your failures (and from your successes), you will inevitably more forward toward your goals and the big successes you want for your life.

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