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For most people, showing up late is a habit. It tends to be a pattern that repeats. But the problem is not time management. It’s the choices we make.

It’s crucial to fix this problem because when you’re always late, this tells people that they can’t trust you. You gave them your word that you were going to show up at a specific time, but you were late. It also tells them that you don’t respect them enough to be there on time. It reflects the choices you make that put you in that position.

How do you never be late again?

1. Commit to perfection that you will never be late again. Believe that it’s possible. For example, professional athletes never show up late for practice or for a game. Don’t make being on time an option.

2. Plan to arrive 5-15 minutes early.

3. Assess the surrounding time commitments you have. Are there other appointments before it? Be sure to have enough time between commitments.

4. Account for other factors. E.g. traffic, your spouse or kids. Allow for other responsibilities and things beyond your control. Plan ahead

5. Only calendar appointment times that are mandatory for you. Decide what you put in your calendar and treat them as commitments.

6. Give yourself 2 months of perfection. Keep showing up on time so you rewire the habit.It takes on average 66 days to create a new habit.

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