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Where should you go if you want to learn how to succeed as a real estate agent?

The 4 worst places:

  1. From everyone. Stop listening to everyone’s advice on YouTube and social media, because 80% of those people aren’t successful.
  2. Non-producing agents. Don’t listen to agents who don’t have the income you want.
  3. Facebook groups for new agents. With thousands of people in a Facebook group, not everyone can help you be successful.
  4. Real estate licensing schools. They help you get a license, but don’t help you succeed.

The best places:

  1. Mentors. Learn from people who have the kind of success you want to have.
  2. Broker Trainers. Find top producers in your office. Shadow them. Go with them on listing appointments.
  3. A Great Coach. Find a coach who has helped other people succeed, and be coachable. Go to
  4. An immersive event environment. Being around pros is the best and fastest way to learn. You’re getting not only the information, but also the support of people around you. When your emotion is high, your learning increases dramatically.

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