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While most real estate agents are in trouble because of the economic downfall, you have a choice and the power to prosper in these trying times.

Here are 3 Key Strategies you can implement now to thrive in this crisis:

  1. Talk to more people. Focus on motivated sellers & buyers.
  2. Care and show encouragement. Send out texts with positive messages. Continue building relationships with the people you know by sowing the seeds of goodwill & creating Top-Of-Mind-Awareness(TOMA) with them.
  3. Focus on immediate opportunities:

Investors. They have money to buy property at any time.

Notice of Defaults (NOD's). The more unemployed people are failing on their loan payments, the more opportunities you have to help them sell.

Vacant properties. Owners are motivated to sell quickly because of the dropping market

AirBnB, Vacation properties. The sooner sellers take action, the more money they get. Be the best agent to get them the best results

Creative financing. e.g., Lease-to-own.

Nobody knows how long this crisis will last, but you don’t have to be one of those agents who are in trouble. Look for ways to help people buy or sell, and add value without B.S. Always expect YES, and you will thrive.

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