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The current corona crisis is causing a lot of uncertainty in ongoing real estate transactions. Buyers are worried about qualifying and sellers are worried if this is the right time to sell.

How do you close your deals during this period of crisis?

Here are 3 key strategies:

  1. Have straightforward conversations with your clients and the other agent. Acknowledge the situation and their fear. Overcome the fear by addressing it head on. Let them get their feelings out, and listen.

  2. Reconfirm the motivation of all parties involved. What do they want? Shift their focus from their fear to their goal. Your job is to help them get what they want.

  3. Be pro-active at problem-solving. Figure out what you can do to make it work. Get creative with solutions.

You should move toward the closing as soon as possible, so you prevent anything from potentially disrupting a transaction.

Reassure their fears, get things done without being pushy, and save the day for your clients.

Let me know situations you’re running into, or any questions you might have about closing deals during this crisis.

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