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Nobody knows how this corona crisis ends. But what you can do is expect for the best, prepare for the worst. Because if you’re prepared for whatever happens (no matter how bad things get), you’ll win.

Here are 4 ways to prepare for what’s coming:

Get lean in your business and in your life. Cut expenses (the things you can do without), not investments (the things that give you value).

Get positive, stay positive. It’s not about denying reality. It’s about approaching the problem with a winning attitude. Studies show that positivity makes you 30% more effective in making decisions. This increases your confidence and your probability of success.

Give more. Focus on helping people. Listen to them and care. Making more money requires adding more value to people, now more than ever.

Get support. You need support now, more than ever before. Get into coaching and join a community of other agents who are committed to their success.

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