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Even with the economy shut down, right now is the best time ever to be a real estate agent because there’s massive opportunity out there. While most agents are panicking, you can capitalize on those opportunities.

Where the opportunities are (motivated sellers)

The luxury market. Many luxury homes are selling and there’s no competition here because most agents don’t know how to break into the luxury market.

Equity homesellers/Downsizers. They’re afraid of losing equity as the housing market drops, so they’re ready to sell now.

3 keys to capitalize on opportunity right now:

  1. Your self-talk. Manage your self talk, and your daily thoughts. Expect the best, prepare for the worst. So if anything happens that’s better than the worst case scenario, you’ll win.
  2. Your skills. Skill is the name of the game. More realtors are competing for business. The agent who knows what to do and knows how to inspire confidence in the seller and lead them to a decision wins..
  3. Your Seller Strategy. Have a strategy for finding motivated sellers, inspiring them to hire you, and selling all the listings you take. The opportunity is with sellers, not buyers. When you price a listing right, you’ll attract the right buyers.

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