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On a recent video, I talked about the process of how you switch from doing an in-person listing presentation to a virtual listing presentation.. Watch it here, in case you missed it

Now, we dive deeper into the technical side of how you actually do it. (I recommend using Zoom as a video conferencing platform)

Here are the 10 DO’s & DON’Ts when doing a virtual listing presentation:

DO it on your computer with a good internet connection (hardwire or wifi) & a good webcam.
DON’T: Be in your car or in a noisy background. Don’t shoot holding your phone.

DO use an external microphone or headset.
DON’T use the built-in microphone because it picks up all background noise.

DO have your camera at eye level.
DON’T have the camera looking up your nose.

DO have good lighting in front of you that lights up your whole face (e.g. a Diva Ring Light).
DON’T do it in a dark room. Don’t have bright light behind you, or directly above you.

DO practice screen-sharing. You’re in control of the conversation when you’re the one showing them the CMA, your selling system, etc. Practice walking through the things you need to share with them.
DON’T: have other browser tabs open on your computer so you don’t accidentally share something embarrassing or confidential.

DO…Be in a professional setting.
DON’T have a cluttered background. DON’T do a mugshot (with your back up against a wall)
DON’T use Zoom’s fake backgrounds.

DO…Be in business dress.
DON’T be casual about your dress because they’ll think that you’re casual about your business.

DO stand up. Energy is important in a listing presentation, and you have more energy standing up.
DON’T sit back like a couch potato.

DO be prompt and prepped. Log in to your Zoom 10 minutes early.
DON’T wing it, ramble, or be late.

DO be pumped. Be excited and smile. It tells them that you’re excited about helping them, and that’s what they want.
DON’T look worried or be boring.

Did I forget anything? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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