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Motivated sellers are a tremendous opportunity for you to make money in this crisis because they want to sell now. If you haven’t yet watched my previous video where I talk about where to find the BEST motivated sellers in 2020, watch it here <link>.

Another group of motivated sellers is Downsizers. These are:

  1. Vacation home owners who own their second or third homes. They want to sell now because they’re worried that the economy will crash.

  2. Vacation rentals. (AirBnBs, Vacation Rentals By Owner) Because they suddenly have no cash flow from rentals, most of them can’t make the mortgage payments. They will want to protect their equity and sell fast.

  3. Empty nesters. These are couples in their 50’s, 60’s or 70’s left alone in a big house. They won’t take a chance on the economy and are motivated to sell now in order to protect their finances. After selling, you can also help them look for a smaller house to buy. Continue building a relationship with them so they’ll refer you to other homeowners they know who are also looking to downsize.

Reach out to these downsizers and tell them that you can get them the most money from selling their property.

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