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We’ve all been hit with coronavirus anxiety. How do you take care of your mental health during Covid-19?

Here are 5 things you can do to stay happy in the middle of the pandemic:

  1. Choose not to participate. Abide by Covid safety protocols but decide not to be a victim of fear and paranoia.
  2. Eliminate negativity. Inform yourself about what’s important, but select the kind of news you’re taking in. Insulate yourself from negative people.
  3. Hang out with positive people. Have physically-distanced, mini get-togethers with 2 or 3 friends. If you can’t hang out physically, do it on Zoom.
  4. Focus. Focus on your dreams. Think about what you can do to achieve your goals. Keep moving forward.
  5. Have a powerful morning ritual. This is what lights the fire for the day and keeps you going.
  • Exercise. Break up a sweat for 20 mins. It releases good hormones and energy.
  • Journaling. Write down 5 things you’re grateful for. Write how you’re feeling, good or bad. At the end of the day, write down your wins for the day.
  • Meditation. Take some time to calm your mind. Use a mobile app to guide you.
  • Daily declarations. Declare to the world the realities that you want to create in your life.

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